Black Snake Moan

3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket // Dusty Pink + Pink innerjacket

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When you are caught out in a storm it’s time to call for BLACK SNAKE MOAN, this little dare devil has your back and will make ‘being stuck in the rain’ your favourite game! This unisex jacket with removable hood and inner-jacket is 100% waterproof and 200% awesome.


  • 100% waterproof jacket
  • Innerjacket
  • Outerjacket
  • Unisex 3 in 1

What to do when this 3 in 1 waterproof jacket is dirty or has stains? First try to wipe with a wet cloth and soap. If really necessary, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, please use a delicate program. It's allergic to softener and bleach. Only dry hanging, do not tumble dry.